Ministry Training

HPM is a partner with Shepherds Global Classroom, a ministry that provides curriculum for local ministry training.

The Vision of Shepherds Global Classroom

The vision of SGC is to equip the body of Christ by providing curriculum for emerging Christian leaders around the world.

The set of 20 courses have these characteristics:

  1. Thoroughly biblical and evangelical
  2. Teaching knowledge and skills for ministry
  3. Applicable to every culture
  4. Understandable for teachers and translators
  5. Designed with teaching techniques
  6. Useful for various kinds of groups
  7. Not denominational in doctrine
  8. Not dependent on other books
  9. Not expensive to operate
  10. Designed for group study but useful for individuals also

Purposeful Course Design

The course writers have advanced academic training, teaching experience, and cross-cultural ministry experience.

The courses contain the essentials without much surplus. They are useful for teaching at different levels, such as a class of pastors or a home Bible study group.

The courses enable the reproduction of teachers. A person who is spiritually mature and even moderately gifted can teach the courses without extensive training.

The courses are designed to be easy to teach, with discussion questions and assignments. There are sections that students can teach for practice. The material is culturally transferable. The average length is 180 pages, divided into 15-20 lessons.

Imagine what the courses mean to a pastor, house church leader, or teacher who has had little training and few books to study. He is constantly struggling to prepare something to teach, and he struggles to answer the questions his people ask. Even for the person who has had training, the courses meet the need of organizing the concepts in a teaching format.

The SGC curriculum is a valuable box of tools for accomplishing the mission of the church.

SGC courses are available for free download in several languages at

The SGC app with the courses and teaching tools is available in the Apple store and in Google Play.

Contact us for help to start a ministry training institute anywhere in the world.