Former Director Winfield Poe and Pastor Laurore

Former Director Winfield Poe & Pastor Laurore

HPM is an evangelical foreign mission organization. It is not affiliated with a denomination, but is supported by various individuals and local churches. Its doctrine and tradition come from the conservative holiness movement, informally represented by the Interchurch Holiness Convention.

Holiness Pilgrim Mission was incorporated by Richard Jackson in 1964 in order to serve churches in Haiti.

R.O. Scott was the next official director of the work in Haiti and organized many churches throughout the country. For several years he was assisted by Winfield Poe, who became the next director and served in that position for 24 years.

Jesse Brower traveled as a mission representative for several years, visiting churches to raise support.

Stephen Gibson has been the director since 2011.

HPM’s ministry in Ukraine began when Dave and Twila Drummond, missionaries in Ukraine, affiliated with HPM. HPM currently has responsibility for churches in Knyazhichi and Nova Odessa.  Our representatives in Ukraine have assisted the establishment of ministry training programs in more than 200 churches.

HPM’s ministry in the Dominican Republic was organized in 2011, with the appointment of a national director from Haiti. The mission churches in that country are composed primarily of Haitian immigrants.  In 2020, HPM opened a ministry training institute in the Dominican Republic.

In 2017, HPM set a goal of reaching into other countries of the former Soviet Union, using the Russian language and connections with Ukrainian emigrants.

HPM is a partner with Shepherds Global Classroom, a program of local ministry training. HPM has engaged in many forms of ministry, including orphanages, medical clinics, and schools. However, the central focus of the mission is strengthening local churches to evangelize their areas and send missionaries to the unreached.

Current fields are Haiti, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, and Moldova.