HPM is currently sending food relief to Haiti. This country was suffering from rioting even before the Corona virus came. Your gift can feed people spiritually and physically at conventions, ministry training events, and children’s camps.

In such a scene of need, what does God call the church to do?

We believe that the local church has the potential to change a community.

We believe that economic change must be locally sustained; otherwise, people are left more dependent than before.

We promote gospel preaching, local church centrality, and sustainable economic change.

HPM has fifty churches and several schools spread over much of the country of Haiti, including the island of La Gonave.

HPM churches and schools are locally supported. Our approach to support is not routine payment of expenses, but projects that build and establish local churches. The goal is to help in a way that makes a local church stronger instead of weaker.

Forms of help include finishing church construction, making business investments, and sponsoring training.

The courses from Shepherds Global Classroom are being translated into French for use in Haiti.

We have started construction of Shepherd Institute, a center for establishing local training throughout the country.  With boosted giving from our friends, the building is almost ready to host classes.