HPM is currently sending food relief to Haiti.  The country is suffering from general lawlessness and breakdown of government protection.  Your gift can feed people spiritually and physically at conventions, ministry training events, and children’s camps.

We believe that the local church has the potential to change a community.

We believe that economic change must be locally sustained; otherwise, people are left more dependent than before.

We promote gospel preaching, local church centrality, and sustainable economic change.

The ministry of HPM led to the development of an association of fifty churches and several schools spread over much of the country of Haiti, including the island of La Gonave.

HPM churches and schools are locally supported. We work to provide ministry training that can reform the churches and nation.

Several university students are currently sponsored for law and medical degrees.

Our training center in southern Haiti hosts ministry seminars, vocational training, and local discipleship groups.  Our training materials are available in French for any organization.