Former Soviet Nations

Our vision is to make ministry training available throughout the fifteen countries of the former Soviet Union.

We recruit, train, and support national representatives to help churches start training.  In some countries we partner with churches that share our vision and provide local leadership without needing an onsite representative from us.

Our representatives travel and teach churches how to establish local ministry training.  Translations in process include Russian, Ukrainian, and Georgian, with Kyrgyz soon to begin.

More than 12,000 copies of training courses have been printed so far, and most are already in use.

Needs include the monthly support of our representatives and the cost of translations.

Our newest work is in the country of Georgia.  Evangelical churches there work together because they are so far outnumbered by the Orthodox Church and Muslims.  We are helping them start a Georgian translation so they can set up a ministry training program.  You can sponsor the translation of a course for $900.

For pictures and videos from our events in Ukraine, visit the Facebook page and YouTube channel of the association.