Dominican Republic

Buenos Aires Church in Construction

Our churches in the Dominican Republic are congregations of Haitian immigrants.  More than a million Haitians live in this country.

Most Haitian homes and church buildings in the Dominican Republic are rented, because it takes a long time for them to acquire property.  However, we have helped our congregations purchase their properties, so that none of them are paying rent.    Some of the buildings are still in construction.



Pastor Joshua and Family



Pastor Joshua Fleurmont is the director for HPM in the Dominican Republic.





Ghislaine and Onis Clermont


Onis and Ghislaine Clermont and their three sons are our missionary family from Haiti.  Onis came to this country to help us start a ministry training institute.  Most Haitian pastors in this country have had no academic training.  The central institute has opened, and we plan to establish extension sites throughout the country.