Current Projects

You may notice that each of these projects adds something for the use of the churches without providing routine support that causes dependency.  The ministries of these churches are supported and operated by committed, local people.  We can amplify their effectiveness by providing them equipment and facilities.

The Church at Lombard

The church at Lombard is up in the mountains and can be reached only by making an arduous trek, but 90 people attend church there.  We want to help them put a roof on this building.

Pastor Roman

Pastor Roman and some partners support the local ministry by farming.  They could expand their operations with more greenhouse space.

Bible College

We are helping several of our young people attend Bible college.  They support themselves, and we try to pay their tuition.  They are already in ministry, and want to be trained to be more effective. Wilmide and others can be sponsored for only $300 per year.

The Churches in the Desdunes

The people of the churches in the Desdunes area support themselves by farming, but urgently need equipment.  They work together to buy equipment to share, and manage it well.  We would like to help them expand with more equipment.

The Moustique Church

This property has been unprotected and has suffered vandalism and theft because it lacks a perimeter wall.  The local congregation has given for a wall to be partially built, and we want to help them finish.

The Mission Orphanage

Several young men have been raised in the mission orphanage.  We are helping them finish their education.  Some of them are in their last year of high school, and others need vocational training so they can support themselves.  We want to help them get a good start in life.

Savanne Brulee

The church in this small village operates a school for 300 students (the metal building pictured).  There is no other school nearby.  Their original church building has collapsed, and we would like to help them build.

Nova Odessa

This house in Nova Odessa, Ukraine, is a ministry center and home for Pastor Andrei.  Church services and youth events are held there almost daily.  The house is very old and needs some renovation.

Ministry Training

Christian Beliefs is the first ministry training course we have published in Russian.  The next one will be Basics of the Church.  These courses are used for local ministry training in churches across the country of Ukraine.